Candida (Originally posted March – April 2008)

6- March April Candida 2008

In this letter I would like to talk about Candida, an overgrowth of bad bacteria that starts in the colon. It is systemic – meaning it passes through the colon walls, enters the blood stream and goes to the weakest part of your body causing symptoms. Itchy ears, constant phlegm and clearing of the throat, sinus, vaginitis, congested lungs, rashes, bloating and fluid retention, intense food craving and low libido are just some of the symptoms I have helped eliminate.

I believe Candida is a precursor to cancer as most of my cancer clients have no friendly bacteria in their colon. I will never have cancer. I say this because I eat healthy, cook mainly from scratch and I control my Candida by taking the right probiotic. I never knew how important this was until I started doing tours in 2001. I feel that Candida is an epidemic in our country and most Health Professionals don’t recognize it. Most clients I tested on tour had Candida overgrowth and they did the special Candida diet and took all kinds of Candida Kits and supplements other therapists had suggested …. But Candida still existed.  When clients take the probiotic the body asks for they eliminate the Candida that they may have been fighting for years. Taking the right probiotic or acidophilus is the key to totally eliminate Candida.

I don’t sell supplements. I ask your body what it needs. God has given me the gift to talk to your body.

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